2 Moms and Sisters with a passion for making CRAP FREE products that are safe for the entire family!!!

We got our start in the beauty industry when we both attended Beauty School in Prescott Arizona in 2003 and then extended our training by becoming Professional Makeup Artists at Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Hollywood California. 
Years later and 5 kids between the two of us, we found ourselves and our family facing Celiac Disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitus (EoE), multiple food-allergies, a Dad with skin cancer, family with Eczema and other skin disorders.        
With no other choice but to become more natural and organic, we began to research bath and body products that would be safe for the entire family. 
Our research uncovered numerous high priced items that weren't even affordable for the majority of moms and were still filled with crap.  That's when we decided that we could do it better with higher quality ingredients and no crap, all while keeping them affordable and completely allergy-friendly (turns out not one member of our large, crazy family escaped the dreaded food-allergy diagnosis). 
We are so blessed to be "stay-at-home" mommies, handcrafting fabulous purely Organic, Crap Free products just for you and your family!!  Come join our Crap Free Revolution!!!
Bee's EoE Warrior        
Our little EoE Warrior and just about the cutest Tubie you will every see!!!